Monday, December 17, 2012

(KOREA) Must buy bag MCM

Long time no see , peeps :P !

I will be going Korea in March, 2013 (yeah XD) so I did a lot of homework about must buy bags, must buy skin care products, must buy cosmetics & must buy blah blah blah. (What a hard-working tourist :) !) I will upload the homework :p i have done before going to Korea. 

Today I will be introducing a must buy brand in Korea, MCM (Mode Creation Munich)

The ambassador of MCM- RAIN !

This brand was well known for their luxury leather, it is UV protect and waterproof. MCM was establish in 1976 by a Model - Michael Cromer in Munich, Germany. Due to some problems (i don't know ;P), then it was bought by Korean legendary woman Kim Sung Joo in 2005 and it started to bloom ! It first started to throw parties, invite a lot of celebrities to gain fame and put a lot of advertisement. And it is now a well known brand all over the world.

MCM Jacket, Lion & Backpack
MCM BackPack
MCM jacket

Collaboration wallet

Yoon Eun Hye MCM Travel Luggage

MBLAQ Pink MCM backpack

4Minute MCM backpack

JiYeon MCM backpack

Kara MCM backpack

Yoona MCM backpack

YunHo MCM backpack

2NE1 MCM leopard clutch, MCM leopard wallet & MCM leopard backpack.

TOP MCM jacket

MCM become famous is because of the K-Pop power as you can see, many singers are fans of MCM. And now MCM is getting more fame because of a Korean drama, City Hunter. Artist in the drama are using MCM bags and due to the heat of K-drama. People from other countries started to notice about MCM 

MCM in City Hunter

MCM wallet in the drama

MCM is not only popular in Korea but also many fans in other countries !

Mario with his girlfriend MCM backpack & MCM handbag

Hong Kong, China & Taiwan

Sammi Cheng

Vanness Wu

Shu Qi

Kevin introducing MCM backpack & MCM boston bag in QUEEN (女人我最大)

OK, now i am going to introduce bag in my wish list from MCM XD

First bagin my wishlist is !!!!!!
Their signature studs backpack 

Size 33x42x15.5

2nd in my wish list from MCM is draw string bag

Size: 24 x 26 x 16

3rd in my wish list is medium size handbag

Size: 34 x 27 x 15

Hmmmmmm, so which one should I buy? i love the back pack most but i hardly ever use backpack. I really love studs ! For the draw string bag and medium size handbag i can use it daily but the design aren't special :/. I know i am very hesitating but don't ask me too buy all cause I am not a billionaire :P but never mind, i still have few months to think right ?! 


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