Thursday, April 18, 2013

[Shopaholic] What I buy in Korea ! ♡ (skincare and cosmestic)

Hello again to my blog's viewers :) !

I just get back from Korea and it's freezing there ! But I really really enjoy this kind of weather because I stay in Malaysia, a 24-7 summer country and i really prefer winter more than summer . 

Now, it's time to reveal my shopaholic talent :P. These are cosmestic and skin care i bought from Korea. You should be curious why don't i buy from Etude House,The Face Shop or Skinfood, because I only want to buy something that I can hardly get from Malaysia. 

Too cool for school

The very last minute before i fly to Korea only I know there is a store in Bangsar . But I still buy it because it is in my to buy list! (just my excuse to buy XP)

Samples from Too Cool For School
 3CE by stylenanda

The bubble wrap is actually hair chalk
Peeeeeples, even you always heard that Korean cosmestic always give samples but 3CE by stylenanda is not giving any samples and i think they don't even have samples.

 Banila Co.

I only bought make up removal from Banila Co.

Samples from Banila Co.

Samples and gift from Innisfree. 
 It's Skin

Samples from It's Skin. Sorry, it's out of focus. 


Samples from Missha. I bought 8 stuffs from Missha but they only give me this little of samples sad 

 Natural Republic

Samples from Natural Republic

Holika Holika

Samples and gift from Holika Holika
 Tony Moly

Samples from Tony Moly


Samples from Aritaum

 All masks I bought from Korea .

Please follow my blog and i will share and describe the each and every cosmestic and skincare i bought from each shop. 


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